Character bags and purses Girls: World Book Day costume suggestions Ladies: 20's gangster
Character bags and purses

Selection of backpacks, handbags, despatch bags and purses

Girls: World Book Day costume suggestions

World Book Day 2018 in the UK and Ireland will take place on 1st March. Please note that...

Ladies: 20's gangster

Ladies 1920's Flapper and gansters, Chicago caberet costume. The Roarin' 20's full of fringing, feathers and seductive long...

Wool Opening hours October 2018 Ladies: 50's and Grease

D.K, aran, aran with wool, 4 ply, 3 ply, chunky, Peter pan lustre

Opening hours October 2018


Ladies: 50's and Grease

The 50's, we all love it the era of rock n' roll, rockin' round the clock.  Rock n' roll skirts and costume from...

Ladies: 60's and 70's costumes Ladies: 80's costumes Ladies: Animal costumes
Ladies: 60's and 70's costumes

 Wow then there was the sixties....for those of us who can remember it! Along came colourful flower power, woodstock...

Ladies: 80's costumes

The eighties.. anything went in this era. A mishmash of colour. Maddona with her mad style started us wearing tu-tu's...

Ladies: Animal costumes

Fluttering sexy ladybugs and busy little bumble bees. Please also take a look in our male animal section they are unisex after...

Ladies: Capes Ladies: Cops and robbers Ladies: Disney
Ladies: Capes

Hooded capes, cape with collar, cloaks

Ladies: Cops and robbers

Lets show some authority girls!  New York cop is one of our top sellers for Hen nights. Get out partying with your...

Ladies: Disney

 Disney costumes and other. A world of fantasy. Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Tinkerbell

Ladies: Pirate Ladies: Plus Size Costumes. Ladies: Superhero Costumes
Ladies: Pirate

A treasure chest of pirate costumes: Caribbean pirate costume, waistcoats,  Ships Mate Pirate... then add a dash of Rum...

Ladies: Plus Size Costumes.

Plus size ladies costumes, Plus size female costumes: Red Riding Hood, French Maid, Cleopatra... sizes 16-18, 18-20, 20-22...

Ladies: Superhero Costumes

Why should the boys have all the fun? Want to save the planet on a Friday night? Look no further, female Superheroes costumes:...

Ladies: TV, Film and Books Ladies: Uniforms Ladies: Wild West
Ladies: TV, Film and Books

Storybook & T.V. A world of fantasy. We love all our Favourite storybook characters like Red Riding Hood...

Ladies: Uniforms

Ladies like a man in uniform but men LOVE a lady in uniform! Nurse costumes, French Maid, Sailor, Combat Cutie.....

Ladies: Wild West

The Wild West  where the men are wild and the women are wilder! Want to be a working girl of the west, maybe...

Ladies: Halloween Ladies: Everything Else Men's: 20s Gangsters
Ladies: Halloween

Ladies Halloween costumes, Witches, devils and ghostly spirits.

Did you know? Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations...

Ladies: Everything Else

Cavewoman, Viking, Grecian Goddess, Halloween witch, French Mademoiselle, vampiress, ghostly spirit costumes.... 

Men's: 20s Gangsters

"I am like any other man. All I do Is supply a demand" Quote from Al Capone....

Men's: 50s and Grease Men's: 60's and 70's Men's: 80's
Men's: 50s and Grease

At this time a Teddy Boy would have earned between £5 and £12 a week.

Greasers followed the standard...

Men's: 60's and 70's

 Wow then there was the sixties....for those of us who can remember it! Along came colourful flower power, woodstock...

Men's: 80's

The eighties.. anything went in this era. A mishmash of colour. Boy George with his mad hats and coloured plaits...

Men's: Animal Men's: Capes Men's: Cops and Robbers
Men's: Animal

Do you want to stomp around like King Kong in one of our Gorilla costumes or just go hopping mad in our bunny costume?...

Men's: Capes

Capes with collars, hooded capes, dracula, ghoul, devil, howling ghost cloaks.

Men's: Cops and Robbers

"Evening all" what do we have here then.... a selection of policeman costumes, New York cops, even the Villiage People...

Men's: Disney and other Men's: Holy Men's: Little Britain
Men's: Disney and other

To infinity and beyond! Buzz Lightyear. We all love the Disney favourites, we are after all just big kids....

Men's: Holy

Pope, Nun, Priest, Cardinal, monk costumes, crosses.

Men's: Little Britain

Little Britain: Daffyd, Desiree, Andy, Lou, Vicky Pollard costumes.

Men's: Novelty funny costumes Men's: Pirate Men's: Plus size costumes
Men's: Novelty funny costumes

Just for a it should be. Inflatable costumes, fat suits, Mr. Blobby, hot dog, banana.....Ideal for stag nights...

Men's: Pirate

Ahoy, me Hearties!   A pirate's treasure chest is typically filled with gold and silver bullion and bars...

Men's: Plus size costumes

Mens costumes in x-large.

Men's: South Park Men's: Superheroes Men's: T.V, film and book Costumes
Men's: South Park

South Park costumes: Kenny, Chef, Devil and Cartman

Men's: Superheroes

Superman is comic book history. Without Superman, the first big comic book superhero, we might not have had Spider-Man...

Men's: T.V, film and book Costumes

Toy Story's Woody, Joker, Beetlejuice, Super Mario, Luigi, Disney's Goofy, Borat Mankini, Desperate Dan, Blues Brothers...

Men's: Uniforms Men's: Wild West Men's: Halloween
Men's: Uniforms

Impress the ladies by looking smart in our Pilot, Aviator or captain uniforms. We have everything from doctors to army soldier...

Men's: Wild West

Legendary outlaw Billy the Kid was charged with more than 21 murders before being brought to justice with a single shot in...

Men's: Halloween

Men's Halloween costumes: Ghoul, ghost, reaper. Please also take a look under our Mask section for horror masks....

Men's: Everything Else Couples Neon Party
Men's: Everything Else

 Disney Woody, Caribbean Pirate, Joker, M.C Hammer, Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo, Superman ,Michael Jackson,  Freddy...


There are many combinations for couples such as cops and robbers, cowboy and indian, Priest and Nun, 60's or 70's...

Neon Party

Neon boot covers, neon leg warmers, neon beads, neon footless tights, neon tutus, fluffys

Tutus The Holy Section Hawaiian

Flourescent tu-tu's and fishnets suitable for flourescent raves, Sequin Tutus, Plus size Tutus, Hen night Tutus, Dance Tutus...

The Holy Section

Monks, Nuns, Pope, Cardinal, Priest costumes


 Aloha and welcome to our Hawaiian section: Grass skirts, flower leis, flower wrist bands, coconut bras

Morphsuits and Skinz Hen Night Suggestions Girls: Animal Costumes
Morphsuits and Skinz

Morphsuits and Skinz don't need much explaining, the photos say it all. You can see through them and drink through them...

Hen Night Suggestions

Hats, wings, wands, veils, W.P.C kits, nurse kits, handcuffs, truncheons, whips, costumes.....

Girls: Animal Costumes

If your little girl has been chosen to be a bunny in the Easter Parade or the Donkey in the Christmas school play. You will...

Girls: Disney costumes Girls: Infant Girls Superhero costumes
Girls: Disney costumes

Girls Disney costumes. Let's dress up and pretend to be one of our favourite Disney characters, you could be Jessie the...

Girls: Infant

Girls costumes from 0-6 months up to toddler 3-4yrs. Cute little floppy bunnies, tabby cat, pumpkin, cowgirl, fairy...

Girls Superhero costumes

Wonder woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Pink Supergirl.

Girls: Teenager and Tween Girls: TV and film Girls: Other Costumes
Girls: Teenager and Tween

Girls Tween size 11-12yrs, Teen size 13+

Girls: TV and film

Girls TV and film costumes: Lara Croft, Wilma Flintstone, Storybook Alice, Pink Ladies..

Girls: Other Costumes

Girls Costumes: Dorothy Wizard of Oz, harem princess,  pirate girl,  Victorian Poor Girl, Peter Pan, Punk Rocker...

Boys: Animal Costumes Easter costumes and accessories Boys: Book Day suggestions
Boys: Animal Costumes

Feed their imagination by dressing up as wild tiger, jungle elephant or a cheeky monkey. We have lots of animal costumes to...

Easter costumes and accessories

Easter bunny costume, chicken costume, lamb costume, bunny ears.

We stock lots of items for decorating Easter bonnets:...

Boys: Book Day suggestions

World Book Day 2018 in the U K and Ireland will take place on 1st March. Please note that...

Boys: Disney Boys: Infant Boys: Superheroes
Boys: Disney

Handy Manny and his tools from Playhouse Disney, Winnie the Poo, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, Jake and the Neverland pirates...

Boys: Infant

Boys infant and toddler from 0-6 months to 3-4yrs. It's your little boys first nursery party what are you going to dress him...

Boys: Superheroes

Batman, Bananaman,  Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Superman

Boys: Teenager costumes boys Boys: TV Boys: Everything Else
Boys: Teenager costumes boys

From 11yrs to teenager.Beetlejuice, Joker, Thriller, Rock star, Indian.

Boys: TV

Boys T.V and pop stars costumes, everything from Michael Jackon Thriller and Billie Jean to Spongebob Square Pants....

Boys: Everything Else

Boys costumes: Hippy, Clown, Ninja, Super Mario, Luigi,  Zombie, Elvis, Grim Reaper, Knight, Pirate, Roman, Chef...

 Face paints and Coloured hairspray Accessories: 20's gangsters & flappers Accessories: 60's, 70's & 80's
Face paints and Coloured hairspray

Individual colours of face paints, assorted boxed face paints, party packs, coloured hairspray.

Accessories: 20's gangsters & flappers

Roarin' 20's accessories: Gangster ties, braces, spats, flapper pearls, feather boas, gangster glasses, cigarette holder...

Accessories: 60's, 70's & 80's

60's, 70's and 80's acceossories: Dollar medallion, neon beads, punk jewellery, hairy chest wig, hippy kits, white boot covers...

Accessories: Caveman/Woman Accessories: Clown Accessories: cowboy & Indian
Accessories: Caveman/Woman

Caveman club, stone age cavewoman earings and choker...

Accessories: Clown

Clown shoes, bow tie, wigs, squirting flower, honking red nose, clown rubber head...

Accessories: cowboy & Indian

Cowboy and Indian accessories to complete you outfit. Cowboy spurs, neckties, Indian headdress, weapons, guns and holsters...

Accessories: Crazy teeth Accessories: Feather Boas Accessories: Glasses
Accessories: Crazy teeth

Ideal accessory to many costumes. Great accessory for hen and stag nights!

Accessories: Feather Boas

Feather boas. Burlesque, can-can, hen-night, 20's flapper

Accessories: Glasses

Assortment of glasses to complete your look.Michael Jackson,  Elvis, Ozzy, Hippy, Gangster, Rapper, 50s, 60s and 70s...

Accessories: Gloves Accessories: Hosiery Accessories: Moustaches and beards
Accessories: Gloves

Silver Sequin Glove, Long gloves, Fishnet neon gloves, 80's Lace Fingerless gloves, White Dance gloves, Flourescent gloves...

Accessories: Hosiery

Kids and adult tights, Hoisery, Fishnet, striped, stockings, Dance Tights, Neon Footless Tights.

Accessories: Moustaches and beards

Selection of beards, mousaches and sideburns


Accessories: Nurse Accessories: Pirate Accessories: Wings, wands and tiaras.
Accessories: Nurse

Doctor Stethoscope, plasters, garter and syringe

Accessories: Pirate

Pirate bandana, cutlass, earing and eyepatch, waistcoat, pistol....

Accessories: Wings, wands and tiaras.

Angel and fairy wings, black, white and green, sequin fairy wands, tiaras

Accessories: Other Costume Accessories Accessories:contact lenses Accessories: Wizard of Oz
Accessories: Other Costume Accessories

Including  pom-pom shakers, big baby bottle, giant dummy, cleopatra kit.

Accessories:contact lenses

Selection of one day wear contact lenses.

Accessories: Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz accessories: Red sequin Dorothy shoes, Toto in basket, Ruby slippers.

Fancy Dress Wigs Hats Masks
Fancy Dress Wigs

Selection of wigs: Indian, Joker, Sandy, Michael Jackson, Beetlejuice, Adam Ant, Cleopatra, Rasta, school girl, hippy...


Assortment of hats to complete you look. Cowboy hats for hen nights, viking helmets for stag nights, sequin baseball caps...


Selection of masks: masquerade, Yoda, Michael Myres, Skull, Horror, Gorilla, Wolf, Dangermouse, Old Man, Old Woman, Chucky...

Scottish costumes St. Patrick's Day costumes Fabrics and haberdashery
Scottish costumes

St. Andrew's Day, Burns night. We also stock  tartan ribbons, tartan fabric, flags, heather and  thistles for making...

St. Patrick's Day costumes


Fabrics and haberdashery

We don't just sell fancy dress, we also have a range of fabrics, haberdashery and dancewear.

Instant Costumes Dancewear: Dance shoes Dancewear: Lycra wear and other
Instant Costumes

Including cat, devil, bunny, hawaiian, Blues Brother Kit, nun, W.P.C kits, wedding veils and more.....

Dancewear: Dance shoes

Tap, ballet and jazz shoes

Dancewear: Lycra wear and other

Lycra leotards, circular skirts, jazz pants, stirrup tights, georgette wrap skirts.

Dancewear: Lycra leggings & jazz pants Rico can can wool Christmas
Dancewear: Lycra leggings & jazz pants

Lycra leggings and Jazz pants (Bootleg trousers)

Rico can can wool

200g ball Rico can can scarf wool. We also stock Robin double knitting wool, Robin aran 100g and 400g balls, 3ply and 4ply...


Christmas costumes, Santa suits, Miss Santa, Elf, angel wings, Nativity costumes, Reindeer, glitter spray...

Fancy Dress Factory